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About Us

The Chinese Culture and Philology Research Institute (CCPRI) is a semi-public organization focused on the teaching of and research in Chinese pedagogy. The purpose of establishing the CCPRI is to create a platform to support Chinese teaching professionals, to assist learners in-enriching their linguistic knowledge and deepen their cultural understanding and to raise the general public’s awareness and interest of learning Chinese. The goal of the CCPRI is to spread the study of the Chinese language and culture in the U.S. and beyond.

Academic Team

HUANG, Szilvia

Director and Member of Board at CCPRI. Mrs. Huang has spent years building cultural and business ties between China and other countries.

Dr. LIN, Yu-Lan

She has been a teacher and administrator for 40 years, retired from her position as the Senior Program Director of World Languages of the Boston Public Schools in 2013; and retired from serving as the Executive Director of the Chinese Language Association of Secondary-Elementary Schools (CLASS) in 2018. Dr. Lin has been a national consultant and served on numerous Chinese AP Committee for the College Board. She has also served as the Board of Directors for MaFLA, NECTFL, and ACTFL. Her published work includes co-authorship of the CLASS Professional Standards for K-12 Chinese Teachers, ACTFL’s Language Learning for the 21st Century, Chinese Standards section, and Asia Society’s publication on Chinese Immersion programs. Her recent work involves training future leaders for K-12 Chinese language field.

Prof. LIN, Liantong

President of Beijing Chinese Characters International Research Center, President and Editor-in-Chief of Hanzi WenhuaMagazine, former professor of Language Studies Institute at Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, and Director of Editorial Department of ZhongGuoYuWen publication.

Dr. LI, Levente

Founder of Chinese Philology and Culture Research Institute. Li received his Ph.D. in the study of Chinese Philology and Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language from Beijing Normal University. For over 10 years, he has taught at Tufts University, Middlebury College, Tsinghua University (Beijing) in both Chinese language and linguistic related courses.

WANG, Long

Mrs. Wang is a member of board of CCPRI. As the president of Hongjian sports culture development (Xi’an) co. Ltd. , she has committed more than 15 years to promote Chinese culture. Xi’an, being one of the oldest cities in China, has a profound cultural heritage and is an important window for understanding traditional Chinese culture. Mrs. Wang is committed to building bridges of friendship between Chinese and other cultures for every Chinese learner.

Dr. LEONID T. Trofimov

Dr. Trofimov has a very strong interest in Chinese culture. He has taught in four countries -- Russia, Japan, the United States, and Canada. The topics and formats of his history courses have varied from core European and Russian history surveys and seminars to topical courses on the history of revolutions, world wars, and international relations. As an important member of the academic team at CCPRI, he is willing to work with everyone to promote Chinese culture.

LI, Zhen

Mr. Li is a writer, translator, and journalist living in Hungary. He was a research fellow at the China Institutes of Contemporary International Relations until 1998, and editor-in chief for the China Times Journal Weekly in Budapest until 2009. He has long been committed to building cultural ties between Europe and China. In 2019 he finished translating and subsequently published Petőfi's poetry in Chinese.

LI, Ling

Research Assistant. MA candidate at the School of Liberal Arts at Guangxi University in China. Her research area and major is TCFL (teaching Chinese as a foreign language), focusing on Chinese characters. Fluent in French.

YUAN, Fangming

Research Assistant. MA candidate at School of Liberal Arts at Guangxi University in China. His research area and major is TCFL (teaching Chinese as a foreign language), focusing on Chinese characters.