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1. Professional Training Center of Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language for Post-Secondary and Graduate Students from China

The CCPRI has a strong team of experts in teaching Chinese as a foreign language. These instructors are recruited from both national and New England area language organizations, such as the Chinese Language Association of Secondary-Elementary Schools (CLASS) and the New England Chinese Language Teacher association (NECLTA), to provide intense teacher training in current educational practices for participants. The Institute has established a long-term collaboration with local public schools to allow participants to observe classroom teaching and to interact with US classroom teachers. Gaining actual classroom experience in the US is one of the unique features of the Institute. The cooperating colleges in China are Guangxi University, School of Liberal Arts, and other Chinese Universities in near future.

2. The Introduction and Application of the Modern Chinese Dictionary (XiandaiHanyuCidian)

The Modern Chinese Dictionary is highly reputable in the scholarly field in China. The CCPRI is entrusted by the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Institute of Linguistics, Office of Dictionary Editing to make the Modern Chinese Dictionary user-friendly in teaching Chinese and to maximize its free access to public overseas, thus making CCPRI a semi-public organization.Suggestions made by teachers who use the dictionary will be incorporated during the editing process to ensure its easy use in the electronic version of the dictionary. It is a mission of the CCPRI to serve as a medium to offer Modern Chinese Dictionary to the global communities.